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Turn Words Into Wealth, Aurora Winter MBA

Winner, Outstanding Non-Fiction Book of the Year, 2022, IAN, (Writing/Publishing)

Same Page Publishing specializes in publishing award-winning books worth talking about. We focus on fiction and non-fiction titles that can make our world a better place by shining a light on topics that matter.

Turn Words Into Wealth by Aurora Winter, MBA, reveals seven blueprints to build your business using your book.

Learn how to market yourself and cultivate success with this insightful book about the importance of messaging! This eye-opening read reveals how powerful storytelling can lead to success — whether that success looks like publishing a book or modeling effective leadership.Bookbub Review 

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Aurora Winter MBA

Michael W. Stockham, JD: Legal Thrillers

Writing a book has been a long-time goal for me, but the task was daunting, especially with my schedule as a trial lawyer. Thankfully, I found Same Page Publishing. Collaborating with Aurora made the process fun and interesting. She is intensely curious, listens deeply, and edits with compassion and skill."

★      AMERICAN FICTION AWARDS, Finalist, Thriller & Mystery/Suspense

Jake Fox: Ties That Blind (Book 1)
Jake Fox: Don't Forsake Me (Book 2)

Over 2,400 Rave Reviews.

Aurora Winter, MBA
Aurora Winter, MBA

Start with Collaboration. Successful serial entrepreneur Lois Sonstegard reveals startling facts about the increase in profits, productivity, and innovation sparked by the right kind of collaboration. Discover how to win loyal customers, grow market share, and retain superstar employees through collaboration.

★      Outstanding Creator Awards: Social/Political Change
★      Pinnacle Book Achievement Awards: Business
★      Outstanding Creator Awards: Business
★      Firebird Book Awards: Business
★      International Impact Book Awards: Management

Aurora Winter, MBA

Multiple Award Winning

Aurora Winter, MBA

Multiple Award Winning

Magic, Mystery and the Multiverse

This is a fun, fantastic, fast-paced, fantasy adventure, well-executed by Winter. With a unique and imaginative plot, a mesmerizing magical multiverse, and a host of wonderful and magical creatures, this book will appeal to young adult readers who enjoy adventure and fantasy fiction. - Readers’ Choice Book Awards

★      Readers' Choice Book Awards, Best Teen Book, 2023
★      American Fiction Awards, Best Pre-Teen Book, 2023
★      Literary Titan Book Award: Gold Award Winner, 2023
★      #1 New Release on Amazon. #1 Children's Fantasy and Magic Adventure, #1 Urban Fantasy, #1 Teen & YA (Young Adult) Witches & Wizards Fantasy.

The Secret Multiverse Academy (Book 2)
The Deadly Asphyxiator (Book 3)

Aurora Winter MBA

Zander Sprague, LPCC, speaker, author

"Aurora Winter has been helping me to create and execute the expansion and growth of my speaking business. Her knowledge, enthusiasm and encouragement have been instrumental in my having a clear plan. I have enjoyed leveraging the Spoken Author™ process and now have a book that captures my own EPIC journey."

Zander is now launching a podcast and has a TV series in the works.

Award Winner Literary Titan
#1 New Release - on Amazon

Greg Hammer, MD, is a professor at Stanford University School of Medicine and an intensive care physician.

Dr. Hammer wrote, A special thanks to Aurora Winter. Aurora encouraged me to write this book during my sabbatical.

GAIN Without Pain launched his international speaking career to the next level and is a useful textbook for health care professionals.

Award-Winning Book (IPPY). #1 New Release (Medicine/Psychology)

Aurora Winter

Michelle Wang is the author of an award-winning series of books for children about the seasons: It Must Be Summer, It Must Be Spring, It Must Be Winter and It Must Be Autumn.

Royal Dragonfly Book Award Winner
American BookFest Best Book Awards Finalist
#1 New Release and Amazon Bestseller

Each member of this family reveals the details of the season in a rhythmic way, kids will love the cadence and repetition and you'll love reading it out loud to them. The illustrations are joyful and sweet. Love the generational inclusiveness where grandparents are portrayed as active and involved! Finally, the squirrel jokes are perfect!" - Amazon Reviewer

Multiple Award Winning

Aurora Winter

Where's My Joey? by Wendy Monica Winter was a hit and has been published in multiple languages. There's a coloring book, too. Her next book was Where's My Monster?. Both books have won awards.

★      Goodreads Choice Awards 2021 Nominee
★      Book Excellence Award Gold Winner
★      Wishing Shelf Book Award Bronze Winner

Literary Titan Award Gold Winner
★ Mother's Choice Award Recipient

Aurora Winter, MBA
Aurora Winter, MBA
Marketing Fastrack, Aurora Winter MBA

#1 New Release
#1 in Entrepreneurship Advertising
#1 in Nonprofit Management & Leadership
#1 in Small Business Sales & Selling



Do you want to create a short book rapidly ... and still get massive results? You are in the right place! This short book, MARKETING FASTRACK, attracted $250,000 of new business in just 90 days.

Do you want to create a lead magnet? Do you want more clients, patients, and customers? This book is a must-read. You will get to see the exact words, email, video, and follow-up sequence so you can model success. See how you could attract new business with a short book. FREE e-book gift when you join our mailing list for the Thought Leader Launch Starter Library

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The Thought Leader Launch Starter Library includes instant access to download Turn Words Into Wealth audiobook for free (not available anywhere else.)

Dr. Tracy Thomas is the author of The Commitments

Much appreciation to Aurora Winter, who had me fulfill the commitment of doing my TED Talk and commit to creating more books and more impact. She provided strategic guidance at a very pivotal time in my life and career that allowed me to follow the intention of more public speaking, both on stage and on the page."

Aurora Winter
Janice and Justene Doan

Drs. Justene & Janice Doan were greeted as celebrities after the publication of their new book, Keys to a Healthy Smile After 40 at a recent gathering of “Top 40 Under 40” dentists in New York.

As a result, they have launched a new training program and opened a new location. They were featured in over 100 media outlets, became paid public speakers, and shared their revenue doubled.

Denise Henry needed a way to get past the gatekeeper and reach the CEO.

Her book Winning The Talent War achieved that goal, and launched her corporate speaking career. She speaks about attracting, retaining, and growing a talented team. Delighted to get the first copy of her beautiful book, Denise thanked the team at Same Page Publishing, Thank you, Aurora—this book would never have happened without your help and without your team’s devotion to excellence.

Diane Burton used to weigh over 200 pounds in high school but found a way to shed the weight and keep it off for 40 years. Diane wanted her own platform as a coach and speaker.
Aurora suggested she write a book about her life-changing experience. The result was The Master’s Masterpiece.

Diane Burton delivered her first TEDx talk and has been helping women rediscover that they are masterpieces ever since.

Aurora Winter

Dhyanis Carniglia is the author of Dancing With Life.

Fleeing with a toddler from a dangerous marriage, Dhyanis travels across several continents on her quest to become a self-sustaining artist. During a time of cataclysmic shifting norms in San Francisco, she sets off with her daughter to live in Quebec, Mexico, The Sierras, Hawaii, England, Portugal, Greece, Morocco, and Egypt. She takes us on her engaging feminist journey, laced with elements of peril and driven by the appetites of youth. Her extraordinary adventures may inspire you to travel, create, and love.

Aurora Winter

Robinson Smith was a successful financial advisor ready for a new challenge. He wanted to make a bigger difference and get his message out to a bigger audience. Robinson is revolutionizing the mortgage industry in Canada. His book, Master Your Mortgage for Financial Freedom, has changed lives and helped home owners create wealth.

#1 in New Release on Amazon

Timothy Dale sought out Aurora Winter’s help with his numerous screenplays, as she is an award-winning screenwriter and TV producer.

Through the discovery process, Tim realized he also wanted to write a series of children’s books about a dog detective. The first book in the series, Montgomery Schnauzer, P.I. has attracted rave reviews and fans.

Timothy is in talks with film producers interested in turning it into a feature film. He's currently writing the next books in this charming series.

Aurora Winter

Louise Evans' book is 5 Chairs, 5 Choices. Her book and her TEDx talk have helped her reach over 2 million people.

She has trained thousands of people around the globe, including Ethiopia, Croatia, Italy, and England. Fortune 500 companies have engaged her services. She is launching a coach certification program to meet the global demand.

Dr. Jennifer Herrera

Dr. Jennifer Herrera's book is Making College Come True.  

After becoming a published author and getting media training as part of our Thought Leader book launch program, she was featured on TV fifteen times in just 7 weeks.

"I am getting recognized in public now and people have even stood in line to say hello to me. NEVER would I have predicted this attention. I was even noticed by the Mexican consulate and they requested a special meeting with me. Thank you Aurora! I invite all of you to embrace Aurora’s training—it works!" Dr. Jennifer Herrera

Aurora Winter, MBA

Unwrapping the Gift: How Mother and Deaf Daughter Redefined Reality by Rosario Roman.

Rosario Roman is an educator, speech-language pathologist, and founder of Bilingual Multicultural Services, Inc., a non-profit devoted to helping children with different abilities. In 2019, the U.S. Department of Labor recognized Rosario Roman with the highest award given to a civilian. Rosario speaks around the world on the topic of empowering people with different abilities. Her book, Unwrapping the Gift, has helped her reach a wider audience around the world.

The Thought Leader Launch Starter Library includes instant access to exclusive material not available anywhere else.

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