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  • Thought Leader Training covers: >Your Book, Brand, Business >Your Million-Dollar Message >Your TED Talk >Media Training >Your Leadership Plan >Your Launch Blueprint 
  • Training: Weekly Zoom training calls, 1-on-1 coaching, 3 -12 months, 3 Mastermind events/year  
  • Upcoming events: Sept 25-27 - Mountain View, CA Oct 9 - Weekly training starts (join by phone or Zoom) Feb 6 -10, 2020 - San Miguel de Allende, Mexico 
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Reignite ... Reconnect ... Relaunch! Join our Thought Leader Mastermind retreats in locations such as Italy, France, Mexico, Canada, and California. Check it out! 

7 Proven Ways to Create Wealth & Authority This training is for you if you are a leader or entrepreneur and ... 

✔️ You want to get your message out to the masses ✔️ You want to communicate more powerfully ✔️ You want to reignite your passion and purpose ✔️ You want to give a TED talk, speak, appear on TV ✔️ You want to write and publish your book ✔️ You want to be clear, confident, energized and enthusiastic ✔️ You want to succeed more quickly and confidently ✔️ If any or all of that sounds like you, you're in the right place! 


You're invited! Sept 25 - 27 Your Book, Your Spotlight VIP Event with Aurora Winter 

September 25 - 27, 2019 - VIP Workshop Your Book, Your Business, Your Speaker Spotlight!  

Mountain View, California (near San Francisco) 


✔️ 5-step gameplan to launch as a Thought Leader ✔️ Discover multiple ways to monetize your message ✔️ Learn and develop new communication skills ✔️ Define and refine your message ✔️ Learn the right book to grow your income and influence ✔️ Discover how a TED talk could 3X your business ✔️ Learn hacks to avoid writer's block forever ✔️ Define your ideal audience & reader ✔️ Create your book outline ✔️ Improve your public speaking skills ✔️ Benefit from immediate coaching feedback ✔️ Improve rapidly ✔️ Network with like-minded people ✔️ Leave with an action plan!

Authors are experts. When it matters, we hire experts. We seek out the best builder, best plastic surgeon, best architect, best wedding planner, best consultant. A book telegraphs that you are an expert.

I can't say enough about what a wonderful experience this is! Dr. Hammer at our Thought Leader Mastermind in Florence, Italy

Greg Hammer, MD, wanted to write a book and wanted support every step of the way. He joined our Thought Leader Mastermind program, and his new book, GAIN Without Pain was the result just a few months later.

When you're an author, you automatically become one of the superstar players in your area in your industry. Your status skyrockets. Your sales and income skyrocket, too, as long as you have the right marketing strategy in place to take advantage of your new expert status as an author

Most people don't know the writing shortcuts that movie stars, politicians, and business tycoons have used for decades. You can use these time-saving solutions, too. Sir Winston Churchill used some of these secrets -- and he won the Nobel Prize for literature.

It is NOT necessary to become a New York Times best-selling author in order to reap massive rewards from becoming a published author. 

TEDx Speaker and Author Dr. Tracy Thomas I highly recommend that you join us here and become the Thought Leader that you were meant to be!

Dr. Tracy Thomas is the author of The Method and the creator of the Dr.T Solution. While at our Thought Leader Mastermind in Florence, Italy she built her capacity to present to millions of people. Just 10 days after our retreat, she delivered her first TEDx talk ... and she has already booked her second TEDx talk. Way to go, Dr. T!

By leveraging some of the techniques she learned during the Thought Leader training, she turned her book into a best-seller. Even more important, she redesigned her life-work balance to support both a thriving family life and a thriving business (which she runs with her husband Bruce McGovert, branding expert and ballroom dancer extraordinaire). 

Because I met Aurora, much greater things are happening! Robinson Smith at our Thought Leader Mastermind 

Robinson Smith was a successful financial advisor ready for a new challenge. He wanted to make a bigger difference and get his message out to a bigger audience. He joined our Thought Leader Mastermind, sold his business, and wrote a new book Master Your Mortgage For Financial Freedom. Robinson is revolutionizing the mortgage industry in Canada. 

Robinson provides valuable training for $15,000 and has a waiting list of professionals eager for his expertise. Rather than struggling to keep the lights on (like the typical first-time author) he is launching a thriving 7-figure business. (So he can continue to enjoy travelling the world in style with his wife, Heidi, and the rest of the Thought Leaders!) 

Robinson benefited from Aurora Winter's decades of publishing and media experience. (Aurora is the sole author of six books, not counting books she contributed to as ghost writer or co-author). He got to learn from her mistakes, saving him from making the same predicable time-consuming and expensive rookie errors!

You can follow a proven path to success, too!

Aurora has such a gift in being able to gently urge this gift in us to come out. Thank God I'm here! I have found exactly what I needed.

Thought Leader Mastermind covers ...


Upcoming Sept 25 - 27 event is held in beautiful Mountain View in the San Fransisco Bay Area, CA (fly into San Jose or SFO)

1-on-1 Coaching with Aurora Winter Rocks! - Jason & Tarrnie from on Vimeo.

Jason Henneberry, CEO and Tarrnie Williams, CEO share the value of VIP coaching with Aurora Winter 

Thought Leader Mastermind!

Includes the Sept 25 - 27 event AND MUCH MORE!

Broadcast your message. Launch your book. Attract your ideal client 24-7. Increase your influence, income & impact. 12 months of training, coaching & masterminding includes:

✔️ 3 Mastermind & Training Events with other successful entrepreneurs to accelerate your success. Leverage your expertise, become recognized and rewarded as a leader in your industry. Speak in front of a live audience and improve your presentation skills. Gain communication skills to accelerate your personal and professional success for the rest of your life. Upcoming events: Sept 25 - 27 Mountain View, CA (details above) February 6 - 10: San Miguel de Allende, Mexico (see below) ✔️ Momentum coaching to speed your progress with one of our fine coaches ✔️ VIP Mentoring: Monthly 1-on-1 mentoring calls with Aurora Winter ✔️ Your Million-Dollar Message, Your Book, Your TED Talk, Media Training, Book Launch Blueprint 

Your Million-Dollar Message: Stand out with a magnetic message

✔️ Create a clear, concise, compelling message. Your own unique Million-Dollar Message ✔️ Define your mission as a Thought Leader. Live up to your full potential to make a meaningful difference. ✔️ Hack flow. Discover how to 5x your creativity and productivity. Hack neuroscience for fun and profit! ✔️ Create your leadership plan, unique branded system, irresistible offers. Monetize & systematize.  

Your TED Talk: Create a TED talk that can go viral

✔️ 7 Secrets of a TED Talk that can reach 1M: The formula for creating a winning TED talk ✔️ Refine your TED talk: Practice in front of a live audience, get feedback, refine, improve. ✔️ Book your TED talk! Refine your talk, then deliver it on the TED, TEDx, or another important stage. Media Training: Share your message on radio, TV and other media 

Media Training: Share your message on radio, TV, and other media 

✔️ Present Like a Polished Pro. Learn how to present your material on radio, TV, podcasts, and more. ✔️ Engage the Media so that you can reach a mass market. Learn how to adapt your content. ✔️ Attract the Media: Learn how to create media-friendly content. Create engaging hooks and topics. 

Your Book: Write and launch your book with a step-by-step plan

✔️ Blueprint for your book. Training guides you step-by-step to write the right book the right way. ✔️ Launch Your Book. A step-by-step blueprint to launch your book, your leadership, and media buzz. Your Video Marketing Funnel Blueprint: Leverage video to build your business 24-7 

Your Video Marketing Funnel Blueprint: Leverage video to build your business 24-7 

✔️ Video Training. Learn what works – and what doesn’t work—on video and TV. Rehearse on camera. ✔️ Your Video Marketing Funnel. Create your own video marketing funnel with this training. 

All of this for only ... 

INVESTMENT FOR 12 MONTHS: VIP MASTERMIND, TRAINING & MENTORING $25K (pay-in-full and save). Bonus VIP Day: Focus on your goals during a 1-on-1 day devoted to you and your success with Aurora Winter (bonus for pay-in-full) - OR - Payment Plan $2,500/mo x 12 months (3 months minimum) You can choose to start with our 3-month "Million Dollar Message training 

Published Author Package: Your words, your manuscript, professionally edited, interior layout design, book front and back cover design, book, ebook, on Amazon, you retain full copyright & control and delegate all the tedious time-consuming publishing details to our experienced team. (Value: $12,000 -- inquire about our bonus for enrolling now.)

You need to apply and be accepted. This program is not for everyone. It is for ambitious, caring people who take action. It is for established and emerging leaders ready to live up to their full potential.

Apply now. Don't miss the Sept 25-27 event or Oct training!

"How to deliver my message with a punch — that’s the gift from Aurora. And to be able to light a fire to get that message out to the world." - Chad Cooper, author, entrepreneur, philanthropist 

LAUNCH 2020! RETREAT Dates: Feb 6 - 10, 2020 Location: San Miguel de Allende, Mexico - World Heritage Site "Founded in the 16th century, San Miguel de Allende is known for old world charm and first-world amenities. A lively nightlife and abundance of fine restaurants give the mid-sized town a cosmopolitan vibrancy. The center of town is a time capsule of cobblestone streets lined with jewel-tone colonial facades and stone colonnades, and overshadowed by La Parroquía, an immense neo-gothic church of pink stone. Nearby day trips include hot springs, high desert hikes, and the Jesuit Sanctuary of Atoltonilco, famous for its murals of angels and demons and over-the-top Mexican Baroque interior." —Felisa Rogers - National Geographic  

Considered one of the most beautiful cities in Mexico, in 2008 it was recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It is one of the favorite destinations for art enthusiasts. You will enjoy the city’s historical and architectural heritage. The San Miguel Arcangel Parish is one of the striking features of this city.

Aurora Winter featured on CBS TV: "How to have an extraordinary income." 

About Aurora Winter: 

Aurora Winter is a serial entrepreneur who has launched several successful businesses in different industries, all from scratch. Aurora's passion is to help people create their own unique Million-Dollar Message and get their message out to the masses through books, speaking, TED talks, and more. 

A TV writer-producer and media trainer, Aurora is frequently featured in the media, including CBS-TV, ABC-TV, FOX-TV, KTLA-TV, Hallmark Channel, Huffington Post, Oprah radio, NPR radio, Success magazine, Elle magazine, and more. Aurora's latest book is Thought Leader Launch: 7 Ways to Make 7 Figures With Your Million-Dollar Message.


Louise Evans, author of Five Chairs, 5 Choices Her TEDx talk has over 1.4M views Even though I've done a TED talk, it's been extremely useful to spend time with Aurora and the rest of the team because I can always upgrade my performance. Highly recommended! 

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